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Actors Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla got married on June 21, 2018. However, things were not as smooth as they were meant to be as they were heading for a divorce. On Bigg Boss 14, Rubina had revealed that they were going to divorce each other before entering the show but thought of giving a try to their relationship. Well, talking about the time when the divorce news came out, Abhinav was asked if he was prepared to release the news.


In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Abhinav told us, “I wasn’t prepared to say it in front of my family. I haven’t even informed my parents. I just discussed it with my friend, and he knew it. Till the time I was very certain that this is going ahead, I’m not going to speak to my mom and dad. You tell things to your parents when you’re final. Jab tum khudhi sure nahi ho, they will be worried about it. I discussed this at length with my brother and in fact, her mother. Then things actually mended their own.


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To this, Rubina added, “So many people have asked me why did you bring it on national TV? and I have said it mindfully and I will again rephrase it, we are public figures. Agar 6 months pehele god forbid seperate huye hote, aisa toh nahi hai ki kisiko pata nahi hota. Sabko pata chalta, people still would have put in 2×2 together. Like if in my posts his pictures are not there and vice versa and we are not liking each other’s posts. People are free there to make judgements. They are anyway going to mud-sling your relationship and the theories behind them. In today’s time, at least within this decade, with the advance of social media is there anything being under wrap for long even if you want to keep it tight and intact. So as a public figure, meri ye first responsibility thi aaj nahi toh kal if it works or it doesn’t work, people are going to talk about it.”

The Shakti actor further added, “You’re anyway going to be out there. We have gotten an opportunity where we are actually working on our relationship. Let’s be bold enough, let’s be courageous enough and let’s have that respect to bring it on national TV and be there as we are honest. because that I assume as social responsibility, halaki mujhe logon ne toh uspe bhi bola ki ‘oh, you’re so image-conscious, tumhe iss cheez ki chinta hoti ki log kya bolenge and kya sochenge. Maine kaha ki mujhe iss cheez ki chinta nahi hoti ki log kya bolenge but as a public figure, I assume this responsibility to make my life as an example that as human beings we will fail, we will have breakdowns, we will have bad days but it is our human tendency to just walk straight forward with our dignity, with our respect and hence, we can create an example for others.

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