EXCLUSIVE: Shweta Tiwari on facing domestic abuse in 1st marriage: People say 1-2 SLAPS from husband are normal

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Shweta Tiwari is the strongest personalities you will ever meet. She has battled several lows in her personal life but has always emerged stronger. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Shweta Tiwari shared ‘Her Story’ of going through the ups and downs. Shweta Tiwari battled domestic abuse in her first marriage with Raja Chaudhary.

Sharing the shocking story of domestic violence in her first marriage, Shweta told, “When you’re born in a middle-class family you are taught to ‘compromise’, it is very important. Then 2 thappad is nothing, husbands maarte hai, koi baat nahi. Harr koi yahan pe, harr aurat ne ek-do thappad khaye hue hai. My mother never said this, but everybody around me kept saying that.”

“And with the child, bacha kahan jaayega, kya karega. I was very young, I was 27 years old when I separated from my first marriage. It is then when I realised, harr roz ladte rehne se chilate rehne se, father ko drunk ghar pe aate dekhne se, bache pe zyada galat asar padd raha hai. Single parent ka itna nuksaan nahi hoga, jitne ek abusive husband yaa father ke saath rehne se hoga,” she added.

However, Shweta Tiwari decided to walk out of her abusive with her Baby daughter Palak Tiwari after ‘enough was enough.’ She expressed, “There’s always a time when you give up, hone do jo hona hai, aur kya bura ho sakta hai. After that time, I realised, you really don’t need anybody to look after you and your kids, if you are independent enough to take care of yourself. The most important for ladies who are stuck in abusive relationships is that they’re not financially independent.”

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The actress also went on to share the meaning of a ‘real relationship’ which she learnt late in her life. Shweta said, “If somebody says, you have to leave your job for your house, is not your right partner. Nobody asks you to leave your dreams and independence for your family, vo tumhare saath, tumhara support banta hai to be independent. That’s a real relationship, which I realised now after 2 broken marriages. But, yes, if somebody is telling you that looking after the house is more important than your career, dream or independence, is not the right partner for you.”

For the unversed, Raja Chaudhary and Shweta Tiwari were married for seven years before they parted ways. Shweta Tiwari fought for six years to get a divorce from Raja Chaudhary. The ex-couple have a daughter together, named, Palak Tiwari.

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