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Shweta Tiwari had no clue that her personal life will be full of hardships. After divorcing her first husband Raja Chaudhary, life put her in a similar situation once again with Abhinav Kohli. Shweta tied the knot with Abhinav in 2013, but their relationship turned rocky within a few years. She filed a case against Abinav in 2019 and is fighting a legal battle against him.

While Shweta kept mum about her awry marriage with Abhinav, last year, he left everyone shocked with his social media posts. Not one of two, Abhinav Kohli shared several posts on his Instagram handle accusing Shweta Tiwari. From leaking his private chats with Shweta to accusing her of forcefully separating him from his son, Abhinav Kohli pointed fingers at Shweta. She once lashed out at him for dragging daughter Palak in the mess, but he continues with his accusations against her.


Now, for the first time, in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Shweta Tiwari opened up about her estranged second marriage with Abhinav Kohli. She recalled how Abhinav threatened to tarnish her image through merely a post on the internet. “In the lobby of my residential building, he (Abhinav) told me, ‘Ek aurat ki image kharab karne me kya lagta hai, just one post. Just one post, and you will be ruined.”

“After 5 to 6 days, he started posting, to spoil my reputation,” she added. Sharing how she is hurt by the judgements around, Shweta told, “People will think four times to believe something good about you, but when it comes to bad things, they believe it within a fraction of seconds. They want to believe, they like, when somebody is not perfect.”

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She reiterated that people are believing his (Abhinav) side of the story because she never spoke up about it in the public. “Since the person is talking about it openly in the media, they think it is the truth. But, why does nobody think that it might be false also? They are just spectators, they don’t even know what the truth is. And just because the other person not sharing the story, they believe one-sided stories. People don’t understand that it is a personal life.”

“Many times, I thought of sharing my stories, when he shared small clips. He used to record all the conversations, but I did not initially. I started recording when someone told me to do it,” she added.

In a shocking revelation, Shweta shared how her neighbours and other people question her four-year-old son Reyansh about his father (Abhinav). She hinted how people just want gossip, and don’t want to help. “In my building only, many ask my kid Reyansh, ‘Papa aate hai ghar pe?’ Just to know. But, nobody offers help,” Shweta told us.

About people’s judgements towards her broken marriage, she shared, people say, “Badi sundar bani phirti hai, bada makeup lagati hai, ek pati nahi sambhal paayi.” But my question is ‘Why do I handle my husband, have I done wrong or him?”

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