gautam gulati prince narula fight

Key Highlights

  • Gautam Gulati and Prince Narula got in a heated fight during a recent episode of Roadies 19
  • The duo along with Rhea Chakraborty are the gang leaders on this season
  • Roadies 19 is being hosted by Sonu Sood

In the world of reality TV, emotions run high and tempers often flare. It takes a special kind of personality to maintain composure in the face of provocation in such situations. Recently, a clip from MTV Roadies 19 surfaced featuring gang leaders Gautam Gulati and Prince Narula. The clip had the two actors engaged in a heated argument and saw Gautam army jump out in the actor’s defence.

Gautam Gulati and Prince Narula fight on Roadies

In a recent episode of Roadies, Gautam found himself in a heated exchange with Prince. The latter is a popular face in reality TV, known for his fiery behavior. In the viral clip, Prince had some heated words exchanged with Gautam in front of the contestants. The two actors then got close to a physical brawl and host Sonu Sood had to intervene. Even fellow gang leader Rhea Chakraborty was left in shock seeing the incident.

Gautam fans come out in his support

After the fight, the netizens were divided on whose side they were taking in the fight. But a majority of the people came out in Gautam’s support. They pointed out at Prince’s provocation and lauded Gautam for taking a stand against it.

A fan wrote, “Only Gautam is real…”, while another one said, “I Support You Gautam Sir Team'”. Another user showed their support for Gautam’s team saying, “Rooting for Gautam’s gang. Prince is crossing his limits.” One of the fans insisted how Gautam’s entry has made the show better for them. They wrote, “This show just got way better and humble watching as Gautam entered . He is so cool and well behaved guy , he has never showed rudeness in audition . Even Rhea has never showed rudeness or overconfidence . Waiting for show to begin and Gautam wins is my prayer.”

On the other hand, there were some fans who supported Prince too. One one them wrote, “Prince bhaii on fire.” Another one said, “Jo bhi bolo, Prince sir is the best. People who watched Roadies from reels might mistake his behaviour so please watch all the episodes from audition. Maybe then you’ll understand. Little knowledge is dangerous.”

Gautam vs Prince

Prince and Gautam have been at loggerheads multiple times during the ongoing season. During auditions too, they had an argument where the audience loved Gautam’s display of maturity and professionalism.

While the situation does get intense when the two gang leaders oppose each other, it also adds to the excitement of the heated competition. MTV Roadies 19 is currently airing and it has been a nail-biting competition till now. All 3 gang leaders as well as Sonu are truly putting on a season that is keeping everyone on the edge of their seat.

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