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Singing talent hunt show Indian Indian Idol 12 is currently one of the most watched and loved shows on Indian television. Recently, iconic singer Asha Bhosle graced the show as a special judge. Asha not only shared valuable life lessons with the contestants but she also tickled everyone’s funny bone. In the latest episode of Indian Idol 12, Asha was seen imitating her sister Lata Mangeshkar. She even shared an amusing incident that took place when she had to record Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyar Tera song.

Asha entertained everyone by sharing interesting stories from her singing career. One such story was the time when she was asked to record Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyar Tera song Teesri Manzil (1966).


Asha shared that she was very nervous about recording the song. “This song (Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyar Tera) was very difficult for me to sing. R.D Burman Saab came home one day, took the baaja and sat down requesting me to sing the song. When I heard him play the ‘O aa jaa, aah aah’ part, I was a little taken aback as I didn’t think I would be able to do it. However, I informed Burman saab that I would make an attempt to sing the song after four to five days,” she recalled.

She further added, “I started practising the main tune in my car so much, that one day, my driver got worried. Once we reached Haji Ali which is where I stay, my driver suddenly asked me if I wanted to visit the hospital as he thought I was gasping for breath. It was a really funny moment.”

The veteran singer also shared the advice her sister Lata Mangeshkar gave her to overcome her fear before recording that song. Imitating her legendary singer sister, Asha shared, “My Lata Mangeshkar Didi asked me ‘What is the matter, why are you nervous?’. I told her that I was not sure how my song recording will go and that I was nervous. She said, ‘You are forgetting that you are a Mangeshkar first and later Bhosle. Go sing the song, it will be good.”

Asha’s imitation of her sister was bang on and that made everyone have a hearty laugh.

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