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Just weeks after actors Kushal Tandon and Shivangi Joshi dismissed dating rumours, a video from their Thailand vacation has surfaced on social media, reigniting speculations about their relationship. The video, shared by a fan page on Instagram, shows Kushal kissing Shivangi, sparking renewed interest among their fans.

Shivangi Joshi gets a kiss from Kushal Tandon

In the clip, the actors, who starred together in the TV show Barsatein Mausam Pyaar Ka, are seen enjoying a boxing match. At one point, Kushal kisses Shivangi on her cheek, further fueling the rumours about their closeness. The video, reportedly from their Thailand vacation, has been widely shared on social media. However, the authenticity of the clip remains uncertain. Nonetheless, it has led to a flurry of assumptions among fans regarding their relationship status.

Previously, a photograph of Kushal and Shivangi from the same boxing match had appeared online. In the picture, Shivangi is seen in a white top and polka-dotted shorts, while Kushal sports a casual look in an olive-green t-shirt.

Shivangi and Kushal on their dating rumours

This video comes shortly after both actors denied relationship rumours on social media. Their denial followed reports suggesting they were planning to get engaged. Shivangi had posted a cryptic message on Instagram Stories, stating, “I love rumours. I always find out amazing things about myself I never knew.”

Kushal was more forthright in his response. He took to Instagram Stories, writing, “Yaar media wallloooo Ek bhath bathaooo, meri engagement horahiiii hain, our muje he nah pataaaaa?????? I am here in Thailand training my martial arts. Aisaaaa kaiseee karletheee Hoon aaap log, atleast thoro tho authentication news ki rahkaaaa Karoo mere bhai log? Ye apkeee source hain kaun (Hey media folks! Tell me something, I’m getting engaged and I don’t even know about it??? I’m here in Thailand training for martial arts. How do you guys do this? At least verify the news properly. Who are your sources anyway)?”

Speculations about their relationship have been ongoing for some time, driven by their on-screen chemistry and off-screen camaraderie. Shivangi was previously rumoured to be dating her Balika Vadhu 2 co-star Randeep Rai. Meanwhile, Kushal had a public relationship with Gauahar Khan, which ended in 2014.

The latest video and photo have once again brought Kushal and Shivangi’s relationship status into the spotlight, with fans eagerly watching for any further developments.

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