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Mahhi Vij the name itself is synonymous with that gorgeous stunning woman who won over fans with her acting chops. The Laagi Tujhse Lagan actress is married to popular television actor Jay Bhanushali and has a cute adorable daughter Tara who is the apple of her parent’s eyes. Mahhi now loves to be addressed as Tara’s mother. But the road to being a mother has not been an easy one for the actress.

In a Mother’s Day special interview with Bollywood Bubble, Mahhi addresses the complications she had with her pregnancy and her reaction when she realised she was pregnant.


In a candid chat with host Nayandeep Rakshit, Mahhi Vij opened up about her trials and tribulations to get pregnant and hold her baby in her hand.

She said, “I have had IVF when I was 32 and it did not click then, obviously I was told by the doctor that I will have to choose IVF. But at a later stage, the doctors told me to go for surrogacy. Jay wanted to enjoy the nine months, the full period of having a child. Also going to doctors each month for sonography. He said that “I want to enjoy the journey so this is going to be the last try and after this, I will not force you.” Because you know IVF is not an easy journey. There are ups and downs and emotionally you feel drained even your health goes for a toss and you put on weight so you give a lot when you are delivering. So Tara was our last try and it clicked and after that even if 100 injections were given to me they were not painful. Because I knew this is for my daughter for her well being.”

She added, “Because when I got pregnant I used to get shots for a long time. But I was happy as this was part of the process. See we cannot expect that all the things in life will move smoothly. There will be ups and downs and God knows that this person can bear the pain and will come out winning. I did come out stronger. Then Tara was born as a premature baby. That time also I broke once but otherwise, I was very positive I thought she will be better soon. She is in good hands getting the best treatment and we have done no wrong so nothing wrong will happen with us.”

Watch the entire conversation here:

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