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Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali have filed a police complaint on Thursday, June 30, after their temporary cook threatened to kill them and their daughter Tara. Mahhi took to her Twitter handle to share about the incident through a series of tweets, but she later deleted them. But, the actress shared about the horrific experience to the paparazzi at an event.

Talking about the incident, Mahhi said, “This happened yesterday. In fact, we were at the police station today. That man was working at our home for three days. Now that we have checked his background, we have got to know that he has done the same in Delhi too. He has been arrested now. There are videos of him where he is clearly saying that he will stab me. He has even abused us a lot. I still don’t understand why he had to do all of this.”


Watch the video here.

In the now-deleted tweets, Mahhi alleged that a cook they hired just days ago was stealing from them. She also said that the police was letting him out on bail and she was scared for her and her family. She also alleged that the man threatened to stab her.

Take a look at the screenshot of the deleted tweets.

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Image Source - Instagram

Mahhi also later told ETimes, “It had just been three days and we were alerted that he’s stealing. I had waited to inform Jay. When Jay came, he wanted to settle the bill but the cook demanded to be paid for the entire month. When Jay tried to reason out, he said ‘200 bihari laake khada kar dunga’ (I’ll get 200 people outside your house). He got drunk and started hurling abuses at us. We went to the cops. I don’t care if anything happens to me, but I was scared for my daughter.”

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