Mahira Sharma

Mahira Sharma was recently seen in the song ‘Ring’ alongside her ‘Bigg Boss 13’ co-contestant Paras Chhabra. Talking about the song the actress spoke to us saying that ‘Ring’ was offered to Paras and looking at the concept of the song the two were cast together. She said that we have made this video keeping Pahira (couple name given by fans to Paras and Mahira) fans in mind and refresh the memories of ‘Bigg Boss 13’.


When asked her about the engagement video teaser for their new song, if it is a hint at something exciting in real life, Mahira said, “Maine kaha tha ki dosti mein sukoon hai aur ishq mein junoon hai. Sukoon accha lag raha hai abhi.

When asked about her feeling for Paras, Mahira further added that these things happen naturally and we cant force them, “It is better when friendship deepens over time. The things that come suddenly, they go away suddenly as well.”

Speaking of sudden things, we asked Mahira about the sudden entry of Aanchal Khurana in Paras’s life during the show ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karoge’. When asked about Paras and Aanhchal now, Mahira said, “Aanchal and Paras were friends in the show and still are. But Pahira is Pahira. If you don’t remember Aanchal and Paras’ equation so what kind of a relationship is that.” 

Well, we hope to see Paras and Mahira together more on-screen because it is an absolute delight for the fans.

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