‘Mirzapur’ composer Anand Bhaskar: The web series has been a life-changing phenomenon for me

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Music composer and singer, Anand Bhaskar has been getting lots of praise for his album in the web series ‘Mirzapur’. He had done the entire album of ‘Mirzapur’ series. Very few of you would know that Anand quit his corporate job to create his own independent music and getting a project like ‘Mirzapur’ was a life-changing moment for him.

We recently had a conversation with Anand where he spoke about ‘Mirzapur’, independent and Bollywood music and his upcoming projects.

When asked how he bagged ‘Mirzapur’, Anand said, “One of my musician friends is Ankur Tewari and he was the one who curated the soundtrack of ‘Gully Boy’. When ‘Mirzapur’ Season 1 went on floors, Excel Entertainment was looking for a new composer. Ankur recommended my name amongst others and I was called and I pitched my songs. So, that’s how it happened. Then I was called back again for Season 2″

Anand feels that ‘Mirzapur’ is the turning point of his musical career. He said, “Personally for me, ‘Mirzapur’ has been a life-changing phenomenon for me. It defined this transition in my career. This has made people notice that there is a new composer in the market and that is something I credit ‘Mirzapur’ for. It has given my career that push.”

He added, “The music that you hear in the soundtrack of ‘Mirzapur’ is something that can be used commercially as well. There are folk and item numbers in it and a lot of these can be used commercially in Bollywood films as well and I have got a bunch of enquiries. While I was finishing ‘Mirzapur’, I got another project with Netlfix’s web series, ‘Bombay Begums’. I composed all the songs in it and it has been directed by Alankrita Shrivastava. It is pleasant to work with her. I am just wrapping that. So, ‘Mirzapur’ has led to a bunch of other opportunities for me.”

Anand also said that web series as a platform has given a lot of opportunities to artistes. “Web series, the concept itself is a little more experimental and open when it comes to trying new talent. It is completely a new world of storytelling. Web series is a  little unfiltered. So that allows directors and producers to try out people who are talented but don’t come from a film background. Overall, web series as a platform is great for artistes and I mean any form of artistes like directors, scriptwriters, screenplay writers,” he said.

When we asked Anand his favourite tracks from ‘Mirzapur’ album,  he said ‘Raakh’ that is close to his heart and the item song ‘Titar Bitar’.

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