Ali Fazal: If someone is really smart they can even promote content on p**n sites

Image Source - Instagram

Like the season, even memes on ‘Mirzapur’ became viral all over the internet. The meme lords came up with some really funny yet witty memes on the dialogues of the web series. If we go into a deeper level, we see lots of information are compressed in a meme and one dialogue or punchline can be fit in different contexts. Memes can play a very important role in making society a better place.

We asked Ali Fazal’s view on it, to which he said, “I think it’s a great idea. Unfortunately or whatever you call it, fortunately, our attention span has become minute and therefore information needs to be sold within those first few seconds if not anything else. So, memes and video games are the ways and if someone is really smart, he will go out and start promoting even on porn sites” (he laughs). It’s crazy where the traffic is but I think somewhere you have to draw the line and decide what information can go through the meme. Because we are also simultaneously in the world of fake information and we all have been victims of it in so many ways. One meme can just be attached to something else and again that goes viral and you keep justifying that.” 

You can watch the interview here.

‘Mirzapur 2’ started streaming on Amazon Prime Video on October 22. Guddu aka Ali Fazal is back to avenge the death of his brother and wife who were killed by Munna (Divyendu Sharmaa) in the first season.

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