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Mukesh Khanna, best known for shows Shaktimaan and Mahabharat, is making headlines for a controversial reason. The actor is trending on social media for his controversial statement on women. For the uninitiated, Mukesh Khanna recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, Bheeshm International. He has titled the video ‘Kya aapko bhi aisi ladkiya lubhai hain?’

In the viral video, Mukesh talks about comments on social media posts, in which a girl lures men by expressing a wish to talk to them or inviting them to have sex with them.

The actor can also be heard saying, “Koi bhi ladki agar kisi ladke ko kahe ‘I want to have sex with you, ladki nahi hai, who dhanda kar rahi hai. Kyunki is tarah ki nirlaj baatein koi sabhya samaj ki ladki kabhi nahi karegi (If any girl tells a boy that she wants to have sex with him, them she is not a girl, she is actually running a racket. Because a decent girl of a civilized society will never say such things).” He went on to add that he receives such messages and asked men to beware of such women.


Netizens are not happy and many called him out for the same.

Sara Khan, who is popularly known for Sapna Babul Ka…. Bidaai, recently reacted to the controversy. She told India Today, “I would like to say that first, he should not disrespect women like this. Secondly, since I have worked with him, I know he is a baal-brahmachari. For him, sex as a topic is a taboo. If he has said this, I would like to say vo dhandha kiske saath kar rahi hai? Aadmiyo ke saath hi na. It is just not them alone. Dono ke taraf se equal hi hain – from a man and a woman. If a woman is doing business for sex, then aadmi dhande ke liye unke saath sex kar raha hain. It is the same thing. Dono hi equally iss cheez ke liye doshi maane jaane chahiye.”


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