Say What! Ronit Roy has been ‘selling things’ to support 100 families

Image Source - Instagram

Coronavirus has been affecting the nation in every possible way and people are finding it hard to cope up with the losses. Due to the lockdown, people are not being paid on time and work in the Entertainment sector has been halted for months. Ronit Roy, who is one of the most loved actors on television, also has not been paid since January this year so he made a shocking revelation that he has been selling things to support 100 families that he is responsible for.

Coronavirus lockdown has taken a toll on every actor’s life as they are not receiving any payments, something similar was the case of ‘Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar’ actor Ronit Roy who revealed he has not been paid since January.  In an interview with ETimes, Roy said, “Personally, I haven’t made money since January. I have a small business which was running and is now shut since March. Whatever I have, I am selling things to support about 100 families that I am responsible for. I am not a very rich man, but I am doing it.”

Talking about the production houses stalling payments of actors he said, “So, these production houses and channels who have these big, lavish offices which are visible from 2 Kms away from a Highway, they need to do something. They have to take care of the people on the ground. At a time like this if they don’t take care of the actors then it’s not fair.”

Amidst this lockdown, we have been hit with the shocking news of actors like Manmeet Grewal and Preksha Mehta committing suicide due to non-payment issues and lack of work. Actors like Rajesh Kareer have resorted to asking people on social media for financial help so that he can reach home.

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