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Bloody Daddy starring Shahid Kapoor has been released on OTT Platform Jio Cinemas. The movie has been mounted on a big scale and despite that, the movie was released digitally instead of theatre. Well, talking about the same, actor Sanjay Kapoor revealed why the makers of Bloody Daddy opted for an OTT release and not theatre. During an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sanjay defended its OTT release. He also compared it to HBO hit, Games Of Thrones.

Sanjay Kapoor on makers choosing OTT platform for Bloody Daddy

The Sirf Tum actor was asked if he was surprised to see Bloody Daddy on digital. And he said that was the plan from the beginning. He told us, “When we got involved in the film, we already knew that it was going to come on in Jio Cinema. We all knew when Jio Cinema starts, it was going to be one of the top channels. The reach is going to be unbelievable. Yes, you are right. When an action is seen on 70 mm with the atmos sound and all that kind of a thing, it’s Larger than life. It’s a screen experience but times have changed today.”

Sanjay Kapoor on audience accepting GoT on TV

Sanjay further continued, “People are watching even an action film on the telephone, forget television. Now, you have to go with time, everything is changing, everything is becoming faster. People don’t have that time to go to the theatre, to waste six-seven hours. They are watching a film or a show, sitting on a bus, auto, in a car, or train. People download (it) and they’re watching on the plane. So, times have changed, you have to go with time. There will be films for the big screen also (but) yes, you’re right. It’s the first time this kind of action film is coming on the OTT platform.

It’s coming to Jio Cinema but when you see a lot of International shows like Game Of Thrones, it’s larger than life. If it was not made for OTT, then you would have thought about how it would have looked on the big screen. But if it is there on it, it captures on a small screen also, we all watched it on a TV. A lot of people must have got it on the phone (but) nobody saw it on the big screen and it still worked. So if it is there, if that business is there, it will come across on a small screen too,” Sanjay said.

Sanjay Kapoor played the role of antagonist Hamid in Shahid Kapoor starrer Bloody Daddy.

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