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Karishma Tanna is one of the most celebrated faces of the TV industry as well as Bollywood. People have praised the actress for her gorgeous looks, opinions, and stunning personality. Well, the actress has given us yet another chance to praise her. Karishma Tanna will be featured in Hansal Mehta’s Scoop. The web series is going to release on 2 nd June and the trailer is already out.

All about the story…

The plot is based on “Behind the Bars In Byculla: My Days in Prison”, a book by Jigna Vora. In Scoop, Karishma Tanna plays the role of a journalist named Jagruti Pathak. Jagruti is courageous, vigilant and she also has a way with things. As the trailer proceeds, Tanna gets trapped in a murder of her colleague, Sen. Things take an ugly turn when Jagruti becomes a scoop, rather than getting a scoop. The story has a gripping plot, as Mumbai underworld also comes in the picture and makes sure to add to people’s curiosity. From the trailer, Hansal Mehta’s scoop looks like a play of power, politics and manipulation.

Talking about Karishma Tanna in Scoop, the actress totally nails her performance. There are scenes where she beautifully portrays different shades of emotions. From a journalist fighting for scoops to a woman fighting for herself behind the bars, Scoop captures various details of Jagruti’s life. Apart from that, the trailer gives us insights on a journalist’s life. 

Director Hansal Mehta on Scoop…

In an interview with Variety, Mehta elaborated on what fascinated him about a story. He said, “The book is primarily based in the prison, I wanted to expand the scope of the book because I found the world that led her to prison very fascinating,”Mehta said. And further added, “It became this larger drama about a middle-class girl in Mumbai with the middle-class aspirations of being the best crime reporter, having pieces on page one. She blindly chases those ambitions not realizing that in the bargain, the reporter becomes the reported, so that fascinated me. I found the elements of a thrilling, investigative procedural drama.”

Coming back to Karishma Tanna, people known her for shows Baal Veer, Kyunki saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi etc. She also entered the Bigg Boss house in Season 8 and gained special appreciation for playing a fair game. 

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