Shoaib Ibrahim pampers Dipika Kakar on her periods; urges people to talk about menstruation normally

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Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar are one of the most loved couples. Together, they shell out major couple goals. Shoaib makes sure to take care of Dipika and even during her periods, the former can be seen taking extra care of his wife. On Monday, Shoaib shared a new vlog on his YouTube channel where he was seen pampering Dipika. In the video, we can see the Sasural Simar Ka actor doing the household chores. While working he also discussed menstruation and requested his male fans to take care of women during their periods. We also saw Shoaib cooking lunch for Dipika.

Sharing the video, Shoaib wrote, “Take care of her during her periods, It’s high time we talk about it normally”. While discussing menstruation, Shoaib revealed that Dipika is on her Day 2 of her periods. He started the video by making tea for him and Dipika and then he started making dal chawal. While cooking Shoaib said that he takes extra care of his wife in those days of the month and also said that people shouldn’t feel embarrassed to talk about it. He said that it’s high time we speak openly about it.

Dipika also feels proud that Shoaib has spoken about it through the video. She said that Shoaib understands her and she feels really blessed and lucky to have him. Dipika also said people don’t talk about their periods with their family. Giving her example, she said that even in her family at one point in time, she, her sisters and her mother didn’t talk about it with their father. “Let’s not accept it as a disease, just live with it happily”, she said. Towards the end of the video, she also thanked Shoaib for taking care of her.

Check out the video here.

Dipika and Shoaib tied the knot on February 22, 2018. The couple has reunited for a music video titled Yaar Dua.


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