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Actor Sumona Chakravarti who has been an integral part of Kapil Sharma’s comedy shows has not made it to the digital version now. Kapil Sharma went digital when he revamped his show as The Great Indian Kapil Show on Netflix. He regains stars like Krushna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda and Archana Puran Singh but not Sumona. According to HT, Sumona Chakravarti is miffed with Kapil Sharma for not including her in The Great Indian Kapil Show.

In a recent interview, Sumona was quoted saying, “Those were great 10 years of my life. One project finished, so he (Kapil) went ahead and started another project and I am doing another project. That’s all there is. As far as missing is concerned, they are my colleagues. I have drawn a line between my personal and professional life. I don’t take my work home and I don’t bring my personal life to work.

Is Sumona Chakravarti upset with Kapil Sharma?

However, a source of HT informed that she was expecting that the entire cast would have been retained for the digital show. However, she didn’t get a call from Kapil. Seeing some of the stars retained and bringing Sunil Grover back into the show, Sumona is taken aback.

She always thought that the jokes in her dialogue delivery and style were limited to having fun on the show, but she never thought that this would go beyond that, and affect the casting process. She was very angry initially, and is still quite upset with what happened, however, she chose to deal with it by maintaining silence and not talking about it,” the source claimed.

Furthermore, the source said, “She is always asked about her absence from Kapil’s show, and the fact that she didn’t exit by choice, it triggers her even more and acts as rubbing salt in the wound. Though she is not keeping any grudge with Kapil, they haven’t spoken ever since.

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