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Urvashi Dholakia, who has enjoyed a fulfilling career on the small screen, expresses frustration at being typecast as a vamp. This perception emerged from her iconic role as Komolika in Kasautii Zindagii Kay. Despite the 15 years that have passed, the character continues to define her public image. Recently the actress opened up on being typecast excessively in the industry.

Urvashi Dholakia on people remembering her as Komolika

“Everyone still calls me Komolika. Just because one thing has become so powerful, it’s wrong to think I can’t do anything else. Where is the creativity of the producers and creative directors when they can’t think of me beyond that one role?” she asks. Due to this typecasting, much of her recent work goes unnoticed.

In recent years, Dholakia has appeared in shows like Chandrakanta, Ishq Mein Marjawan, Tu Aashiqui, and Naagin 6. Fans still feel they see too little of her on screen. “I keep coming and going because something has to come my way which is more exciting than what I actually get. And, I can’t do the same monotonous thing again and again. I have been typecast so much. It’s like saying Rekha did Umraao Jaan so that is it, that is the peak of everything. No, it doesn’t stop there!” she explains.

To break free from the Komolika image, Dholakia chose to do Comedy Circus immediately after Kasautii Zindagii Kay. “I am humbled that till today’s day and age, people share Komolika memes and reels, they keep me alive. I am beyond grateful. But, at the same time, I also want to be recognised for other roles that I have done,” she says, highlighting the challenge of overcoming this typecasting.

Urvashi on playing positive character

Currently, Dholakia stars in the TV show Pushpa Impossible, playing a lawyer. She hopes the audience will accept her in this different role. “I’m happy and thankful that the makers at least thought of me in a different light, and I got this chance to play an out-and-out positive character. I know miracles can’t happen, but there has to be a start somewhere. Now, when I hear people referring to me as Devi Singh Shikhavat, I feel the start has happened. So, yes, I’d love to do more such roles,” she says, firmly stating she won’t take up another negative role for TV.

She also added,“I have done that and I’ve set the bar. There’s nothing more for me as an actor when it comes to playing a negative role now. Even if I take up one character, people will start comparing it with Komolika. I would rather throw a spin ball to the audience where they feel that we didn’t know she could do something like this.”

On not getting interesting OTT projects

Regarding the digital medium, Dholakia mentions that limited opportunities have prevented her from exploring it. “OTT is a booming medium for sure. But, last year, I felt very dejected in the sense that people would tell me that you’re an overexposed TV face. I want to ask the world, ‘Which OTT platform has a show which does not have a TV face?’ So, why would you tell me that? Everyone is there, so why am I being treated differently? Also, I’m not getting interesting projects on OTT, and somewhere I feel makers are not really seeing me in a different light,” she concludes.

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