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Vikas Gupta has got embroiled in a lot of controversies. The recent one is when Roadies 9 winner Vikas Khoker made some shocking revelations about the former. The producer wrote a note on Instagram where he clarified that Parth Samthaan, Priyank Sharma and Vikas Khoker are ‘lying’. He wrote that all this while he hadn’t taken any legal action but now he has realised that his ‘forgiving nature’ has been taken as his ‘weakness’. He also wrote in the note that he is going to prove all the accusations ‘false’ and all the people who have dragged him into their ‘fake accusations and controversies’ for their ‘personal gain will be answerable legally’.

Along with the note, Vikas wrote, “I was constantly being pushed around, blackmailed, wrongly accused etc till I decided to come out. I wasn’t expecting my world will become perfect but it becoming so difficult and hostile wasn’t something I had ever thought of.”


He further wrote, “Even after requesting the people who started the fake accusations to please inform that the accusations were false they have refused to do so and continue to encourage others to harass and trouble me. Both Personally and Professionally it’s become imperative for me to take measure for this to Stop”.

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In the note, Vikas also wrote that he will prove all the accusations by Vikas Khoker and his alleged boyfriends Priyank Sharma and Parth Samthaan wrong by dropping a video tomorrow.

Recently, in an interview with Navbharat Times, Vikas Khoker revealed that Vikas asked him for sexual favours and nudes after he won Roadies. He also alleged that Vikas even asked him to get physical with him.

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