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Barun Sobti and Surbhi Chandna have joined hands for Amazon Mini TV’s patriotic drama Rakshak – India’s Braves: Chapter 2. This biographical war drama follows the life of Shaurya Chakra-awardee Naib Subedar Sombir Singh, unfolding the brave saga of the Kulgam Operation during the deadly Pulwama attack, a crucial chapter in India’s battle against terrorism. Based on a real-life story, the series shines a spotlight on the sacrifices and bravery of the unsung heroes of our nation. As the series releases on 22nd February, let’s have a look at 5 factors that make it worth watching!

Here are reasons to watch Barun Sobti and Surbhi Chandna starrer Rakshak – India’s Braves: Chapter 2:

Fact is stranger than fiction

There’s a certain thrill in watching movies based on real-life personalities and incidents. Rakshak- India’s Braves: Chapter 2 is a true story that reignites your love for the country, even in moments when it may have faded. It is based on the life of Naib Subedar Sombir Singh who devoted his life to serving the nation. The film brilliantly encapsulates the narrative of the Kulgam Operation capturing the high-stakes mission undertaken by the armed forces to combat militant threats and safeguard the nation’s sovereignty.

Igniting patriotic fervour

Right from our school days we’ve recited the pledge, ‘India is my country…’, but only a few of us truly grasped its depth. Naib Subedar Sombir Singh was one such individual, who lived and breathed this pledge, dedicating their lives to the service and protection of our nation. The series beautifully captures this profound dedication, weaving a narrative steeped in patriotism that strikes a chord with every proud Indian. This isn’t about creating an overblown battle zone to visually blow people’s minds, Rakshak- India’s Braves: Chapter 2 is about the story that was never told to us.

Stellar Performance of the cast

The series boasts an ensemble cast starring Barun Sobti, Surbhi Chandna, and Vishwas Kini in pivotal roles. Their performances will have a profound effect on the audience, evoking their emotions, striking a chord, and giving a sense of pride and gratitude. Bringing characters to life, their captivating performances will immerse you in every emotion and moment of the series.

Immersive Cinematic Experience

It is a challenge to capture war-torn images and make them visually compelling, Rakshak- India’s Braves: Chapter 2 excels in conveying the strife, gloom, and stress of the terrorist-attacked Kulgam district. Every scene in the movie commands attention, drawing audiences deeper into the narrative with its compelling visuals while capturing patriotic sentiment without being preachy.

Free to watch

Indulge in the spirit of patriotism, and feel the emotions, while embarking on this heroic and courageous journey for free. Watch this intriguing series without any pay or subscription. It is available to stream for free on Amazon miniTV and Fire TV in the Amazon Shopping App and Play Store.

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