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Harsh Mayar, celebrated for his outstanding acting skills, gained prominence through his role as Aman Mishra in the acclaimed web show “Gullak.” His performance in “Gullak” has earned him widespread acclaim and popularity, with all three seasons achieving success. He has also showcased his talent in Rani Mukerji’s movie “Hichki” and the Hotstar original “Kanpuriye”. With the eagerly awaited fourth season of “Gullak”, Harsh teases exciting new developments for his character and the series, further cementing his reputation as an exceptional actor.

Harsh Mayar talks about Gullak season 4

Talking about his character and its evolution during the seasons, Harsh shares, “This upcoming season will showcase the evolution of Aman’s character. While you’ll have to wait to see the final product, I can share some of the creative directions we’ve explored. In the first season, the focus was on Aman’s family dynamic with his brother, mother, and father. His character wasn’t yet fully developed. Season by season, Aman’s role grew organically. To my surprise, the audience embraced him. I never expected him to become such a beloved character. This season, I’ve taken the liberty of moulding Aman further. Given his age, there’s a lot of room for growth and change. That’s the beauty of his character! We’ve explored different dimensions, which you’ll discover when the show airs. Let’s hope it all comes together perfectly!

When prompted about “Gullak”‘s portrayal of middle-class life and family values, and what new messages Season 4 brings to the audience, he says, “The show is popular because it shows everyday family stuff everyone experiences. It makes you think about your own family, how much you connect with them, and how important that is. People who live far away from India love the show because it reminds them of their childhood back home. And in India, people see their own lives reflected in the show. The coolest thing is that the show teaches you things about family without even trying. You just watch the story and it makes you think.

When inquired about how “Gullak 4” addresses current societal issues, he shares, “This season delves into the challenges faced by Gen Z, but it goes beyond that. It explores the broader societal tendency to misunderstand young people and form negative stereotypes. We’ll see how these issues play out within families, and how families might even grow stronger by navigating these experiences. The season kicks off in June, so get ready for a deeper understanding of these dynamics.”

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