YRKKH SPOILER ALERT: Kartik to rescue Sirat from her step parents?

Image Source - Instagram

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) has been focusing on the karmic connection to be explored between Kartik (played by Mohsin Khan) and Sirat (played by Shivangi Joshi). The show recently saw the two come face to face where Kartik was left shocked. In his dilemma, he hugs Sirat tightly which ends up with her punching him away. The confrontation was surely not something one would expect but the connection between the two is inexplicable.

In the upcoming episodes, Sirat will try to escape and go to Udaipur for an open boxing match. However, before she could leave, her stepfather comes and threatens her nani for the house. Sirat gets even with her stepfather and during the fight, he pushes Sirat. Later, it will be seen that Kartik will intervene and save Sirat from the mess. Kartik will return to Jaisalmer to find out more about Sirat. Ever since he saw Sirat, he has been unable to believe his fate.

Meanwhile, for Sirat, Shivangi has been training really hard. The actress has been getting physical training to pull off the boxer’s role. Shivangi recently even shared a glimpse of her training on social media which left the fans excited. She wrote, “I must admit that boxing is one of the toughest sports I have come across. One wrong move and the game’s over. It does require alot of precision, accuracy, power and swiftness. A special Thank You to my amazing trainer @balkrishnashetty08 for making me do these rigorous training in such a short span of time.”

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