YRKKH Spoilers: Kartik feels Sirat is his Naira & hiding her identity; Decides to find out the Truth THIS way

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starring Shivangi Joshi and Moshin Khan is keeping viewers glued to their TV screens with ‘n number’ of twists and turns. In the latest, Sirat (a lookalike) of Kartik’s late wife Naira, entered the Goenka house to help Kairav. Little Kairav feels Sirat is his mother Naira and had fallen extremely ill in her absence.

Owing to Kairav’s health, Sirat agreed to help Kartik and the Goenka family. She stepped into the Goenka house as Kairav’s caretaker. While Manish (Kartik’s father) is already doubting Sirat’s intentions, now Kartik will also doubt Sirat. Yes, you read that right! Kartik doubts Sirat, not for her intentions, but he will feel Sirat is hiding her real identity. Kartik thinks Sirat is his Naira, but lying to others. Yes!

In the upcoming episode of YRKKH, Kairav and Sirat will form a bond. Kairav gets extremely happy and comfortable around Sirat, and this makes Kartik also happy. However, later Sirat indirectly reminds Kartik about Naira with her behavior.

It so happens, Sirat celebrates Basant Panchami with the Goenka family, and here she calls Kartik ‘Mendak.’ Sirat’s words leave Kartik shocked and he recalls Naira teasing him with the same name. As such, Kartik starts doubting Sirat and feels she is Naira.

He feels Naira must have lost her memory and is this identifying herself as Sirat. Kartik thinks the memory loss might be because of a clot in Naira’s brain. Kartik then decides to fight out the truth with a plan. He will look for Naira’s tattoo on Sirat. Yes, Kartik will check if Sirat has a similar tattoo as Naira, and then the truth will be revealed.

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Well, it would be interesting to see how Kartik clears his doubt. Is Sirat really Naira? Or was it just a coincidence? What are your thoughts on the same? Are you excited about the upcoming episodes of YRKKH? Let us know in the comment section below. irat also has that tattoo.

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