YRKKH Spoilers: Kartik & Sirat get tied in a bond of love? Manish DOUBTS her intention to enter Goenka house

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is bringing in new twists every moment to keep the fans hooked to their TV screens. And well, the dramatic turns are working for YRKKH as the show jumped back to the TRP list last time. Previously, viewers witnessed a heartwrenching moment where Kairav’s health deteriorated badly. The little one almost fought with death, as he missed his mother Naira.

Later, after a lot of convincing and influencing, Sirat decided to help Kartik, Kairav, and the Goenka family. With her motherly love, she helped Kairav to jump to life, and live peacefully. Now, in the upcoming episode, Sirat will enter the Goenka house as Kairav’s nanny. While Sirat will be confused about her decision, Kairav’s need for his mother will melt her heart.

While viewers are eager to see Kairav and Sirat’s bond, the latter will come across an awkwardly romantic moment with Kartik in YRKKH. It will so happen the Goenka’s decide to celebrate the special occasion. As per rituals, any male who would throw a garland into a girl’s neck, would bound by a streak of love for life. Unexpectedly, Kartik throws a garland and it lands atop Sirat’s neck. Thus, the two get tied into a bond of love.

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On the other hand, Manish will doubt Sirat’s intentions to enter the Goenka family. He will overhear Kartik’s discussion of how he helped Sirat by paying the hospital bills. It is only after this help that Sirat agreed to accompany Kartik and help Kairav. Manish will get suspicious about Sirat’s intentions and feel that she is cunning. Manish also feels that Sirat is taking undue advantage of her similar looks to Naira.

Well, it will be interesting to see what happens next in YRKKH and how Kartik, Sirat, and Kairav’s lives change now. Are you excited about the upcoming track of YRKKH? Let us know in the comment section below.

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