Proud father Shah Rukh Khan talks about Suhana’s magazine cover debut

Every little achievement by their child, be it in any field, makes every parent proud! Now we all know that Shah Rukh Khan is one doting father and loves his children and recently, his daughter, Suhana Khan made her debut on a magazine cover making SRK extremely proud!

At the Vogue Beauty Awards 2018 held last night, Shah Rukh won the Ultimate Man Of the Decade Award and was feeling great about it! SRK had another news that was made him happy and it was his daughter’s magazine debut with Vogue. For those who don’t know, Suhana is on the cover of Vogue magazine’s August edition. Speaking about the same, he said, “It’s a very good moment for me.” SRK added, “It is a big responsibility for my kids that such a big platform has been given to them, so they will have to work hard too.”

Further speaking about star kids, SRK said, “All the children who belong to the film industry have been given some entitlement because they are kids of actors but I think if you are able to give them responsibility, they’ll do better. So I am very happy that Vogue has been very kind.”

Besides Suhana’s magazine debut, SRK was also asked about Bollywood stars getting married. To this, he had a witty reply. “Even I am getting married. I will send you an invite. My card will come to you for the reception and also, do come for the mehendi,” he said.

When you ask such a question to SRK, expect a reply nothing less than hilarious!

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