WATCH: Janhvi and Khushi leave Anil Kapoor’s residence as Sridevi’s remains are coming home

Life’s so unpredictable. Just few days back a family was laughing, dancing, posing together, and now, a tragedy has torn them apart. We are talking about the death of actress Sridevi, which took place two days back. While younger daughter Khushi was in transit then, on her way back to India, elder daughter Janhvi was all Alone back in home.

And now, as after much hullabaloo when finally Sridevi’s mortal remains are all set to take off from Dubai, the daughters, who were at uncle Anil Kapoor‘s place, have also left. Though we don’t know the location where they are headed to, it can be assumed that they are going to their home, before heading to the airport, where their mother’s remains will be brought, late at night. (Also Read: Sridevi: Dear comrades in media, stop making a mockery of a legend’s death, #LetHerRestInPeace)