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Aashim Gulati has been a part of the Indian showbiz for a while now. But this year has been extra special for him professionally. He had two web shows release, Taj and Jee Karda, and both brought him immense appreciation. He also made a brief appearance in Alaya F’s U Turn. The actor is enjoying this phase and recently he got in an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble.

Aashim Gulati on OTT success

The actor has completed the trifecta of mediums with films, TV and OTT. When pointed that out, Aashim says, “I am not gonna lie, OTT has given me a lot of love. But TV also gave me a lot. A lot of my fan following came from there. Films haven’t done enough for me. There hasn’t much happened there but hopefully, more will happen there too.”

He insists that earlier people knew his face, but after this year’s success, now they know who he is. He insists, “I see that change, I see that recognition and I embrace and enjoy it. It’s all my hard work of all these years paying off. I am enjoying the fruits of my labour of work.”

On his early failures…

Aashim Gulati is often complimented on his hot looks and his Instagram is a testament to that. While today he is recognised for his skills, there was a time when only his looks were talked about. Talking about that time, Aashim has no qualms with anyone. He accepts his early failures gracefully and admits that he didn’t give the people enough through his work for them to talk about it.

He says, “Maybe that’s what people thought and maybe I gave them what they believe. Maybe I wasn’t as good or as ready an actor. The camera doesn’t lie and I have no shame in admitting that I might have had flaws. I was not as well-groomed as an actor as I am maybe today. Maybe I was in a different zone at that time and it is okay. But I feel I have grown as a human being. And the person that you are in real life has a massive effect on your work as well.”

On his early struggles and being told to get surgery…

While Aashim’s looks are appreciated, there was a time when he was asked by someone influential to get a lip surgery done. Recalling that time, he shares, “It happened with me, and I did look at myself in my mirror and doubted myself. I questioned if I should do something for it. Then, I realised that it would be an insult to my DNA. It affected me for a day but I didn’t let it affect me more than that.”

Today, people recognise Aashim and he gets entry into many doors. But there was a time that his auditions tape wouldn’t even reach directors. When asked if he feels that filmmakers haven’t been able to exploit his talent like OTT makes have, he reveals, “I haven’t been able to meet many makers. Sometimes even our audition tapes don’t reach to them. So, I feel sad about it at times. Once they have seen the audition, then let them decide, but even that didn’t use to happen. Now, things have changed for me, but there were times my auditions wouldn’t even reach the directors. However, now I believe that if you focus on the good, you will get it too.”

The positive outlook of Aashim and his career graph show a tremendous growth. The actor will be seen in Netflix series Choona soon too. He is truly creating a legacy for himself and it’s just onwards and upwards from here for him.

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