Anil Kapoor gives a cool reaction to trolls who said he ‘lives with plastic surgeon, drinks snake blood’ to stay young

Image Source - Instagram

In a world where everything is digitalised, even hate and criticism have also become very virtual. Being under the mask of ‘anonymous​’​, people often go extreme and spread out negativity on the stars. There hasn’t been one actor who is not subject to trolls and criticism. Well, speaking of which, in a recent episode of Arbaaz Khan’s talk show, Pinch, actor Anil Kapoor was asked to react to the trolls who said that he ‘lives with plastic surgeon, drinks snake blood’ to stay young. Well, unfazed about it, he just laughed it out. Anil Kapoor’s reaction on trolls was absolutely cool.

Arbaaz showed Anil a video recording of people commenting on his looks. One person commented, “I think he lives with his plastic surgeon,” while the other one said, “I think he drinks snake blood.” There was another one who said Anil Kapoor is immortal. Anil then asked Arbaaz if these recordings are genuine or he paid the people to say this. Arbaaz assured him that these were genuine comments, and Anil said with a laugh, “Ek ne kaha ke main plastic surgeon saath leke ghoomta hu (One person said that I keep a plastic surgeon with me).

He was also asked if something pinches on social media. To which, the Mr India​ actor​ admitted that sometimes, it affects him but forgets about it right away. 

In the same episode, he even spoke about how his elder daughter Sonam Kapoor was trolled and called ‘shameless’. Anil responded, “Agar unhoney aisa comment kiya hai to vo sayad burey mood me they, ya dukhi they (If the person has commented like this, then they must either be in a bad mood or upset)” 

He feels there are different kinds of people and they might not be in a good mood when they actually made such comments.

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