EXCLUSIVE: Esha Gupta reveals everything in her bag; shares whose bag she wants to raid

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It comes naturally to fans when they idolize a celebrity, they grow curious about a star and their lifestyles, especially their bags. The fans always want to know, what goes in the huge bags that celebs are seen carrying with themselves in the city, at the airport and elsewhere. We had a candid chat with the Bollywood actress Esha Gupta as she revealed what’s in her bag. Esha took pride in being a ‘baniya girl’ and carrying her essentials as she told Bollywood Bubble about the things that go around with her in her bag.

Esha said that she has a jaw issue, so she makes sure to carry her retainers around. She also said that it is impossible for her to sleep without them, “I have a sleep problem and at times I end up grinding my teeth and it can give me a jaw problem. So I have to always carry it and even in the flights I sleep with it.” Next on, in Esha’s bag was her gorgeous brown shades, cute polka dot printed mask that her mother brought for her, vitamins, tulsi maala, sanitiser, medicine, her makeup blush, lip balm and cheque book. Esha Gupta had a cheque book in her purse as she said it makes her feel rich, “It just makes me feel I am a really rich baniya girl.”

When we asked Esha, whose bag would she like to raid, Esha said, “Dwanye Johnson, I think what I am going to find is a lot of protein and a lot of things to eat, whatever vegetarian I will find, I’ll eat that. It’ll be interesting because I keep following and the things he eats on his cheat meal. I really want to see what he eats when he is not cheating.”

Esha also revealed that her watch is the most expensive item in her bag. On the other hand, talking about one thing she can’t go without would be her retainers.

Check out the video below:

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