EXCLUSIVE: Nupur Sanon on dealing with acne & PCOD: My entire cheeks had red bump

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Nupur Sanon, who turned heads with Filhaal and now, Filhaal 2: Mohabbat which has already crossed over 160 million views on YouTube, is blessed with gorgeous skin. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, the beautiful actress revealed how there was a point in her life when she had to deal with acne. Nupur also opened up about being diagnosed with PCOD.

Nupur shared how she dealt with a severe acne issue, getting diagnosed with PCOD and taking the correct route out of it. Sharing about the skin issues Nupur said, “I have had the worst problems especially in college. I don’t know what happened. There was this crazy breakout phase that I had when I was in college. My entire cheek got covered with so many red acne and it was so difficult to even remove the marks. That’s the worst part and it was like a really really bad phase during my college days.”

You can watch the entire conversation with Nupur Sanon below:

Revealing how she treated her acne issue when she was diagnosed with PCOD, the actress shared, “At that time I didn’t have proper knowledge about why I am getting those acnes. So I took the Allopathic route and I went to a skin doctor. They give you certain medicines and your skin becomes more dry than it already is and that how it gets controlled. But over the time, I realized that’s a very quick-fix kind of thing. And I don’t promote it. Later on I realized that I have PCOD. That also is a reason why you have a lot of break outs. So after PCOD, the kind of medicine that they give you, they are not good. Allopathic medicines are actually not good for your skin and for your body because its like tweaking with the natural hormones of your body and making your hormones depend on a medicine. So when you stop those medicines, your body won’t function in a normal way. And it will not produce that hormone without getting that medicine. And now I have moved to homeopathic doctor. Since a year I have been only following that. It has all my PCOD medicine and everything in small 3 pills that I take twice morning and night. I think that’s the best thing. Anyone who has PCOD, I recommend please don’t take allopathic. It’s really not healthy. You are just screwing with your hormonal system really really bad.”

We hope Nupur’s tips will help you deal with these issues if you are experiencing the same.

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