EXCLUSIVE: Prachi Desai’s SHOCKING confession: I lost films because I said no to a lovemaking scene; was told I’m not hot

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Prachi Desai started off really young in her career with the popular TV show Kasamh Se. But soon enough, she decided to transition towards films and she successfully did it with Rock On! But her TV background and then, playing a mother at 19, worked completely against her. She was judged, typecast and put in a box, which she took some time to get out of. In fact, in the finale episode of this season’s Her Story on Bollywood Bubble, Prachi shares her untold story – her struggles, battling rejection, people’s opinions and making bad choices.

Prachi faced a lot of self-doubt in the initial years of her career. From being told that she was not hot enough to being replaced without even being informed, the young actress faced it all. Sharing her experiences, Prachi said, “The initial years of my career were only full of self-doubt. The debut went off absolutely great. It was after that that the challenges started. So getting a break on TV at the age of 17, getting a film break at 19, all of that was magical. And I didn’t see that coming or anything. So that was a huge surprise and I thought that’s how things work out when you are that enthusiastic in life or when you are working hard you know that’s how things are going to pan out. However, after stepping into the real film world is when all the self-doubt started. Nobody ever wanted you to be what you are. Everybody wants you to be something else.”

She went on to elaborate, “In the film business, people want you to be what only a certain man wants you to be. You are always looked at from a male gaze. And I was always told like, ‘You are not hot enough. You need to be hot. You are too young too cute. I think you need to do a sexy shoot. All you need to do a sexy song’. And I didn’t understand that. I was like, ‘But for who should I do these sexy shoots. For who should I do these sexy songs.’ Don’t you see what I am doing in my films? That I can act. Why is that ‘men’s magazine’ shoot is so important to you to cast me in a film, which is a family film. This is the problem that I had for so many years initially. And that was a 19-year-old me who was hearing all of these things constantly for the sake of being cast in movies. And I don’t think it’s easy on a 19-years-old to constantly be told these things. Especially when you are not from the film industry. So you don’t know what to do and how to go about things like when the media is not kind to you or when within the industry this is the feedback you are getting. So obviously, it’s very difficult to sort of keep your vision straight and decide that I will only do what I am okay with doing. At the same time, because I have been a little detached that’s how I have learned to stay happy. Happiness is a constant effort let me tell you that.”

You can watch our entire conversation with Prachi Desai below:

Not being from the industry, there were times when Prachi lost out on some projects. And there have been times when she got to know about being replaced on projects from the third person. “Yes, I have. I have been announced for films. I have been working out dates and all of that. Maybe like six days before I have to go for a shoot I realised you know. My manager and I are smart that way. We figure out through other people’s Facebook posts congratulating other people and we realise that, ‘We think we have been replaced in this project’. That has happened in the past. We found out through somebody’s Facebook post that it looks like getting into a messy spot. And then we confronted the filmmaker and said that ‘You know in the next six days we were supposed to start shooting for you. And we have been told that ‘Ohh you know because you are not okay doing a certain song or a certain scene we had to replace you. Now we are looking to make the role far sexier or raunchier. So yeah that has happened in the past. It again happened a couple of months ago. So it’s nothing new to me and I feel like a lot of people will sadly go through as I said it’s not just a thing of the past and I experienced it recently as well,” said the Bol Bachchan actress.

She went on to add, “There was also a very big film for which I did like hair trial and all of that, ” Gave up some other work and then for some reason just a couple of days before we were supposed to shoot I was wondering like why things are not moving forward in the prep department. And that’s when from a third person we got to know that this is probably not working out because this role was probably scrapped off for technical reasons in the movie. And all of these experiences that I am talking about, whether I was replaced or got written off or got to know from somebody else, none of these filmmakers had the decency to call or message me and tell me that this is not happening. So I feel like the least you deserve is some decency because I have given them so much of my time. If it’s awkward to call then at least message and inform or say that you can release your dates for something else. At least let them know. You know they say na ‘Waise toh bade mard bante hain but when it comes to working they are not even man enough to send you a text or a call.”

On the work front, Prachi was recently seen in Silence…Can you hear it?

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