THIS filmmaker wants to make a film with Fawad Khan

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We all know that Pakistani artistes are banned in India, and no filmmaker can cast any of them in their film. However, one filmmaker has gone ahead and spoken about Pakistani actors being banned in India and has also stated that she would want to make a film with Fawad Khan.

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Well, we are talking about National Award winning director Shonali Bose. Shonali, who has directed the film ‘Margarita with a Straw’, recently at Ficci Frames 2018, spoke about Paksitani artistes being banned in India.

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When she was asked if the restrictions from the Central Board of Film Certification is affecting the creativity and freedom of expression, the filmmaker said, “Instead of taking action to protect the rights of women and project their image under the right light, they are restricting filmmakers from doing their work freely. Cinema should be free… For instance, Pakistani actors are not allowed to work in Indian films, and this decision is supported by Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association. What if I want to make a film with Fawad Khan?”

When probed her that her this statement can earn her a title of ‘anti-national’ to which she said, “That is the problem with our country nowadays. I speak of friendship between two countries. I want to make a film with Fawad Khan and nobody will allow me to make the film; producer will not back the film because of the risk and fear that has been created around it.”

Well, we quite agree with what Shonali said. (Also Read: Forget coffee, these FRESH pictures of Fawad Khan will set your mood on the right track)