Harshvardhan Kapoor: I think a lot and that gets misconstrued at times

Harshvardhan Kapoor made his big Bollywood debut with ‘Mirzya’ and even though the film failed to leave an impact, the actor has been getting huge acting offers for his impressive portrayal in the film.

The star kid is often assumed to be of serious type, but he says that is not at all true. Harshvardhan thinks that media has been misconstruing him. “People think I am very serious. People think I don’t laugh or smile much. Reporters have also written about me being mean or disinterested in talking. It’s not that. As I said, I think a lot and that gets misconstrued at times,” he said.

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He further adds how a particular article had made him upset. “I read an article recently and I thought it was disgusting. I had been giving interviews for eight hours, so when this group of journalists came, I sat with my legs up because they finally gave me a sofa to sit on. I just wanted to be comfortable but that soon became headline news. I can’t roam around for 12 hours everyday with a plastered smile on my face. If you make me smile, I’ll smile. I am smiling throughout this interview,” Harshvardhan adds.

Harshvardhan will next be seen in Bhavesh Joshi.

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