Javed Akhtar teaches an apt lesson to a troll who says ‘Ghazal’ isn’t an English word

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Poet and lyricist Jawed Akhtar is very active on Twitter and he does not shy away from voicing out his opinions or standing up for what he said. Recently, he took to his Twitter to give a lesson o English to a Twitter user who says that ‘Ghazal’ is not an English word.

A few days back a Twitter user wrote, “In original english their is no word called Ghazal . And if i m not wrong that song is written by Indian and @ashokepandit Is also indian so how it not belongs to him . Or u think @ashokepandit Is second grade citizen in India ? (sic).

To which Javed Akhtar gave a very apt reply, saying his name as well isn’t of English origin and hence people should stop calling him by his name. He wrote, “In original English there is no word like Sanket then what should one call you in English . In my opinion he will have to call you Sanket because you are Sanket . Same way you will have to call a ghazal a ghazal whether you are speaking English , French or German (sic).

It all started with filmmaker Ashoke Pandit calling one of the Ghazal’s of Javed as a poem. He wrote, “@Javedakhtarjadu Sahab brilliantly confronts the #UrbanNaxals & communists in his poem. ‘Jo mujhko zinda jala rahe hain woh bekhabar hain Ke meri Zanjeer dheere dheere pighal rahi hai Main qatl to ho gaya tumhari gulley mein lekin Mere lahu se tumhari deewar gal rahi hai .. (sic)’.”

Javed corrected him saying it is not a poem. He wrote, “this is not a poem but a ghazal . Interestingly since RW doesn’t have their own heros they try to own leftist like Bhagat Singh n Neta ji now they have started borrowing poets too they dont have their own poet because to write poetry you need compassion and humanity (sic).

We must say, well said Javed saab!

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