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Singer-composer Kailash Kher feels the cliched term “bathroom singer” does not exist. There are only singers who need to take their music seriously.

“There are many who are extremely confused about music. They think ‘If I am a bathroom singer, I can be a singer’. If you’re a bathroom singer, then there are bathrooms for you. You have given that tag for yourself. There are no bathroom or kitchen singers, there are only singers, that’s why you need to take singing and music more seriously,” the “Saiyaan” singer said in an interaction with the media.


Kher feels that passion with which people approach education is what lacks in the case of music.

“People do ITI, IIT, engineering or work extremely hard to complete their MBBS or MBA too. You guys become crazy for these things. So similarly, it is important to start taking music seriously like these things.”

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