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Kamaal R Khan’s Twitter account gets suspended…

Self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan’s Twitter account has finally been suspended. Yes, this has happened at last! The man who is notorious for tweeting absurd stuff and being disrespectful towards other celebs finally has his Twitter account deleted by the Twitter authorities.

This happened today afternoon and ever since people realised that his Twitter account is invalid, majority of them have been rejoicing and celebrating over it. Okay, so the main reason touted for his exit from Twitter is him revealing the climax of the yet-to-release Aamir Khan-starrer ‘Secret Superstar’.

He tweeted, “The climax of #SecretSuperstar is this that Father goes to Dubai to stay Alone while Mother Daughter stay in India n Daughter becomes super star.” [sic]

And after that, he crossed every possible limit and tweeted, “If you, @aamirkhan want to prove, that me n billions of good fathers like me don’t love their children, then put ur film in ur a* n enjoy. if u r not a good father or ur father was not a good father whom u never respected then don’t say dat we don’t love children.” [sic]

And now if you try to find his page on Twitter, you’ll just get this message. Yes, the man actually had the audacity to do that. It’s quite a shameful activity but this isn’t the first time. (Also Read: This time, KRK calls Kangana’s sister Rangoli a ‘Chudail’)

Here’s a screenshot of his invalid Twitter account:

In the past too, the man has disrespected many actresses and even bashed movies left, right and centre for no reason. This had to happen one day and it did! However, his other box office page which is verified on Twitter has been tweeting, “This is a black mailing by @Twitter if they have suspended account of @kamaalrkhan withut abusing anybody. They didn’t give any Warning also”, “Pls note @Twitter ppl, u can’t stop @kamaalrkhan from giving reviews of films or saying hit n flop about films. His review come on #Youtube”, and “We want to inform to all the media that @kamaalrkhan won’t open any new account on @Twitter so if anyone is claiming that is fake account.”

Have a look:

An account which claims to be KRK has tweeted:

However, as stated by KRK box office, this is a fake account as when we got in touch with him through a text asking if this is him, he replied with a “no”.

Watch this space for more updates…


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