Maharashtra Draught: Nana Patekar lashes out at Government and Media

The drought in Maharashtra this year has hit an all time high. Many urban as well as rural areas have been facing water issues and Bollywood actor Nana Patekar has come out in public, requesting everyone to stand by each other.

Speaking to NDTV on the whole issue, the actor said, “A massive migration is taking place to cities. And I want to tell everyone: if someone knocks at your car window, don’t treat them like beggars. They are farmers.They are helpless. They need food, water and access to toilets. Let’s take responsibility for one person each. It’s not hard.”

Bombay High Court had also ordered to shift 13 IPL matches that were scheduled to be played in Mumbai this year to different locations and according to Nana, this is not a solution. “Wouldn’t they have to water the grounds even if there are no IPL matches? But it’s an emotional issue. How can we celebrate when people are dying?”

He further stated, “People are concerned. But they haven’t seen it first-hand. They must come here (Marathwada). People must question the system. It is a crime to be silent. Are we blind that we cannot see people are dying? If they are not our people whose are they then.”

The actor also blamed media publications for focusing on other stories and not this one. “It is sad that Pratyusha (Banerjee) committed suicide. But does it have to be on Page 1 every day? Who is interested in how many times Indrani (Mukerjea) married? I detest reading newspapers,” he quipped.