Malaika Arora joins Javed Akhtar and Sophie Choudry in slamming government for the desperate decision of opening liquor shops

Image Source - Instagram

Malaika Arora isn’t someone who usually gets pissed and angry on social media. She hardly ever reacts angrily to anything that’s happening on the news or anything that’s been written about her. But, today is different. As the lockdown’s 3rd phase began today with slightly relaxed rules on liquor shops opening up, loads of people went in to buy liquor. It created chaos and people have been debating over it on news about whether or not it was a right move to do. Malaika took blasted the government for their decision on the same.

Malaika took to her Insta stories and shared, “I still don’t get Wat was the need or desperation or nessecity to open liquor shops!!!!! Bad bad idea. Only gonna create more chaos, domestic abuse, child abuse(sic).” Have a look at her rant right here:

Malaika Arora Liquor Stores
Image Source - Instagram

Malaika wasn’t Alone. Sophie Choudary also shared similar thoughts. She tweeted, “Cannot believe the line for the #LiquorShop coming all the way around the corner! Groups coming on bikes, no social distancing like I’ve seen at other stores..I mean was this really necessary? I’m all for boosting the economy..but this?! Plus increased risk of domestic violence (sic).

It’s true that liquor is a big factor in aiding domestic violence irrespective of the sex of the individual. Will this new regulation increase the same as Malaika and Sophie pointed out? Or will it help in easing out the tensions?

Javed Akhtar had pointed out the same a couple of days back. He had written, “Opening liquor shops during the lock down will only bring disastrous results . In any case according to all the surveys nowadays domestic Violence has increased to a large extent .liquor will make these days even more dangerous of for women and children . (sic).” Have a look:

People are opposing this desperate government’s move in the wake of the numerous videos and pictures of men and women coming out of their homes to buy liquor from the stores. Have a look at some such posts:

Let’s wait and watch how the government takes in this opening of liquor stores. Will there be some measures to control the same? Or will people continue to flout the rules and regulations and keep coming out to buy liquor? Will this help in the reduction of Covid-19 positive cases? Or will it adversely affect? Only time will tell.

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