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Manyata Dutt suffers from tumor in liver, might undergo surgery

Actor Sanjay Dutt has been facing a lot of flak for getting parole on false reports of his wife being sick. But it has been revealed by reliable sources that Manyaata dutt is truly sick and suffers from a tumour in the liver and also a heart ailment for which she has to undergo a surgery.

According to sources, Dr. Ajay Chaughule, who specialises in beating Heart Coronary Bypass surgery, lung and liver transplant with Global Hospital has revealed to us that Manyata is seriously unwell. “Mrs Dutt complained of chest pain and sudden weight loss, and during the process of preliminary heart test we also discovered a large sized tumor in her liver.”

A concerned Sanjay Dutt will be accompanyiong her to to the hospital for medical check-ups.

We pray that she soon recovers from it.




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