Mona Lisa: I like Sunny Leone and I don’t have to do anything with her past

When Mona Lisa made a decision to tie the knot with her boyfriend Vikrant on the ‘Bigg Boss 10′, many came out and said that she is doing it just for publicity. In fact, even Karan Johar took a dig at her wedding and said that it won’t last long. Later, we had her very good friend Manu comparing her with Sunny Leone. We all are aware of Sunny Leone’s past and how far she has come in Bollywood. We sure don’t find it a disgrace for Mona to be compared with Sunny Leone. Well, Mona has same thoughts too.

So post elimination, when Mona was asked to share her thoughts over the same, she affirmed, “I don’t see anything bad in being compared with Sunny Leone. She is known for her sexy image in Bollywood and my image has also been the same. I have done many bold films and songs. Even if Manu compared me with Sunny it is fine with me as we both entertain the audience. It is a big thing for me. I like Sunny and I don’t have to do anything with her past at present I feel she is doing good in Bollywood. It is very important to understand in what sense he said those things.”

Alright! We wish Mona Lisa a happy married life.