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Actor Sunny Leone started her Bollywood debut with Ragini MMS which turned out to be a successful venture. She then went on to do a few successful films but still faced a lot of criticism from the critics and certain people. Speaking about dealing with negativity and negative comments, Sunny said that she is unfazed by people talking about her. However, she feels frustrated when known journalists talk ‘nonsense’.

Sunny Leone on dealing with negative comments

Talking about the same, Sunny exclusively told Bollywood Bubble, “I think that those people who say all those bad things, don’t know you. They didn’t wake up next to you, they didn’t have breakfast with you or help you during your day or in any capacity. Why should their opinion matter at that moment when you’re looking at it? There are certain people. Let’s say, I’ve known a reporter for a long time or journalist and I’ve done many many interviews with them. They write something that is completely false or give justification for nonsense.

And in my head, I’m going why is this newsworthy, why are you solidifying somebody’s nonsense comments or things that are lies just to get a few more readers? I’m going to see that person again. It makes no sense and I think those are the times that I get frustrated. But as far as just general people talking a bunch of nonsense, I’m okay with it,” the Ragini MMS actor said.

Sunny Leone on being typecast

The Jism 2 actor said, “The word type cast is always used in a negative way. I know myself, I know who I am, I know my background I know all these different things. The challenge for me has always been that I should try and do as many things as possible. But sometimes those things are not possible they’re not on the table. I don’t really have a choice.”

She further, “We get stuck in different roles, we stuck in different bubbles but no matter what people’s perceptions are. They’re stuck in their own bubble so they can’t see past those things. But I don’t think my fans are like that, I think my fans are amazing. I think that they see all these different things that sometimes journalists or reporters don’t see. Let’s say in the newspaper so it’s not me who’s typecasting me and it’s not my fans who typecast me, it’s everybody else. It just takes one person at a time and you know hopefully it changes.

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Sunny Leone who was last seen in Kennedy which is directed by Anurag Kashyap released a new song, titled Third Party. She did the music video with Abhishek Singh.

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