Himansh Kohli and Freddy Daruwala

Himansh Kohli, the young actor who shot to fame for being the lead of ‘Yaariyan’ has now taken a leap from the big screen to the digital space. The young heartthrob from ‘Yaariyan’ is cast across the antagonist of ‘Holiday’, Freddy Daruwala. The duo have worked together for a fresh content video, JUMP, to be launched digitally. The actors completely comprehend the concept and believe it is highly relatable and a thought provoking video.

Freddy and Himansh were contacted by the team of Aur Dikhao, the team that created the immensely successful Sunny Leone ‘No Smoking’ PSA. The video talks about the internal conflicts that youth faces today. For the first time ever, the positive hero of ‘Yaariyan’ will be seen plunging himself into wayward life decisions and Freddy, who the audience so far has loved to hate, becomes his support. The stars believe that this element of friendship which has been covered in the video is what makes it the most relatable for the youth of today.


Himansh with his chocolate boy looks has pulled off the role of the disturbed youngster like a natural. And Freddy hopes that the audience will accept him for the happy go lucky, comic friend persona which he has picked up in this video. Both of these talented actors struck a chord during the shoot which even left the team awestruck, they wish for the video to be widely accepted by the masses, to connect to them.

To know more about this video, watch out for the YouTube channel of Aur Dikhao on Friday, May 13.

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