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OMG – ‘Kick’ prices skyrocketing

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is in the prime of his career now. He has become somewhat a cult figure of Bollywood akin to Rajinikanth the God of Southern Films. The proof of this is the whopping price at which distributors have acquired the rights of his latest action thriller ‘Kick‘ . It seems that the movie has fetched around Rs 8.50 crore from Rajasthan. In West Bengal,around Rs 6.11 crores. Salman Khan’s movie Kick’s valuation is not only close to Dhoom 3‘s but also more than Shah Rukh Khan‘s Chennai Express.

Salman Khan might not be appreciated by the critics but he is loved by the masses. They idolise their Bhai and secretly aspire to become like him. Unlike his counterparts, Salman Khan plays characters to which the Audience can relate to. Khan’s characters are decidedly middle class or lower-middle class. In Dabangg, he plays a corrupt cop who speaks the Hindi of India’s working classes. In bodyguard, he is just that – a bodyguard.

So what if he is over the top and often vulgar, but the combination has clicked with audiences. The fact of the matter is Khan is right on track to become Bollywood’s Rajinikanth. At the moment though, if the money distributors are willing to pay is any indication, it seems as though ‘Kick’ is all set to break a few records.