Watch: Payal Rohatgi hits back at Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan

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Bollywood celebrities and controversies go hand in hand, don’t you agree? Actress Payal Rohatgi is known for her temperamental image and doesn’t mind speaking her mind one bit. Payal has now hit back at Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan for attacking her. This has happened after both of them i.e. Kushal and Gauahar had blasted Payal for her religious views.

Payal Rohatgi took to her Instagram account and shared a video, where she is venting her frustration and is using very harsh language.

Watch the video:

In the video, we can see Payal using very derogatory words for Kushal such as ‘hijra’ (eunuch). She is also indirectly calling Gauahar ‘jihadi aunty’. Payal is lambasting them and advising them to get married and convert to Islam. For those who are unaware, Kushal and Gauahar used to be in a relationship and then broke up.

The whole controversy started when, Payal was talking about terrorism and Jammu and Kashmir.

It evoked a strong response from Gauahar Khan.

And then Kushal Tandon jumped into the controversy and blasted Payal Rohatgi for her communal views.

This is very sad to see and Payal Rohatgi has to understand that attacking someone on the basis of their religion is a strict no.

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