EXCLUSIVE: Priyamani on being offered a song with Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express; ‘I thought it was a prank call’

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Priyamani is one of the most loved actresses in South and she is known for being part of the hit song from Chennai Express ‘1234 Get On The Dance Floor’. Priyamani was widely applauded for her performance and the song was one of the chartbusters. Priyamani recently revealed that just like the whole nation she too is a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan. In an exclusive chat with us, Priyamani said that she thought someone was prank calling her when she was offered the song with SRK. She told Bollywood Bubble that it was too surreal to believe that Rohit Shetty was offering her a song in the SRK and Deepika Padukone starrer. But, while she had her apprehensions, Primani outshined in the song and it was widely loved.

She said, “I got a call from Rohit Shetty’s office saying that ‘I’m so and so from Rohit Shetty’s office’. Obviously, I thought it was a prank because why will Rohit Shetty of all- such a big director- How can he call me, I honestly thought it was a prank. So I called my manager and said, ‘Listen I’ve got this number. Such a person called me and he said he is from Rohit Shetty’s office. I don’t know if it is a prank or if it’s a genuine call so can you please find out?’. So he said ok and within about like 10 minutes or something he gave me a callback and he said it was a genuine call and it is from his office. I said, ‘Pack bags let’s leave to Bombay right away’. So I came to Mumbai, my manager and I flew in together. Came to Rohit sir’s office and we’re sitting one on one. Then he said, ‘See to be very honest, I didn’t know much about you and the only reason was because somebody had recommended my name.’ Because I dance well and things like that so he watched some of my dance videos on YouTube, called me and said, ‘I like the way you dance and you’ve got style and everything so this is the whole concept and I’m doing a film like Chennai Express’.”

The Family Man actress further added, “In my mind, I was like ‘I know Shah Rukh Khan is there, Deepika Padukone is there’. Then he said that there is a song in the movie which is a special number composed by Vishal and Shekhar and I think you’d be a perfect fit. So I told him that I don’t mind doing it but my only question is if you have people like Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, will I be like a background dancer?’. But he said that ‘No this song is only between you and Shah Rukh,’ I immediately said I am ready and sign me up right now, you don’t have to pay me for it also I will do it for free I don’t mind because it is Shah Rukh and obviously it is you.”

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