Revealed – Madhur Bhadakar to narrate the story of wives of Superstars in his next!

Madhur Bhandarkar is one such filmmaker who has this vision to connect to the audience through his powerful films. He is known for his films, most of them women-centric, which have an extremely strong story plots. How can someone forget his ‘Fashion.’ He tried to highlight the unknown and till some extend the most negative side of the glamorous world and he succeeded in doing so. Then there was ‘Corporate,’ ‘Heroine,’ ‘Chandni Bar,’ ‘Page 3’ and many more. With such hit films the ace director has kind of established a new genre in his own name or as we say ‘Madhur Bhandarkar kind films.’

Well, his next film would also revolve around the life of a woman. According to the reports, the director is now set to make a film which revolves around the life of the wives of superstars. The wives of glamorous personalities automatically call for attention and become a part of showbiz so it would be interesting to see what goes around in the life of a superstars wife. There are Bollywood ladies who have quit after getting married to a star or there are wives who are completely new to this glamorous world so how do they cope up with this difference in their lifestyle would be interesting to know. Plus, we are sure that Madhur Bhandarkar would add his own element to this film.

Apart from this, Madhur’s ‘Madamji’ with Priyanka Chopra is also in the pipeline. The director is just waiting for PC to complete with her work commitments given to makers of her international series ‘Quantico.’ Once PC is done with it, Madhur and Priyanka would start working on ‘Madamji.’ This would be the second time that Priyanka and Madhur would team up after ‘Fashion.’