Richa Chadha

Actress Richa Chadha finds shopping during monsoon more fun, and believes that rainshowers don’t ruin one’s style.

Here are some of the rules of fashion that she likes to follow during monsoon:

* My gadgets are my life. Silicon covers are my favourite saviours during monsoon, and the cool look they give you is incredible. My phones and iPod are secured in the cute coloured silicon cases.


* The damp atmosphere is also likely to make your hair frizzy so, tie them up in a neat bun or a ponytail. Hairstyles that involve hot blow drying or curling are a strict no as they tend to mess up the minute your hair comes in contact with moisture.

* Accessorising your ensemble may seem like a must to fulfill your fashion demands, but wearing a metal necklace around your neck seems terribly distressing to the skin. Instead, invest in printed or bright monotone scarves.

* Monsoon footwear needs to be comfortable, stylish and should last throughout the season without tearing off. Go for bright colours like orange and fluorescent green to get the chic look. Gumboots are this season’s special. DonÂ’t miss a chance to flaunt some colourful pairs since they look the best when worn this time of the year.

* We know how it feels when the make-up refuses to stay on the skin and gets washed out. But yes, you can look your best with a few simple make-up tricks, even during the messy season. Restrict your make-up to the minimum and use waterproof products. Mousse foundation is the trick to all.

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