EXCLUSIVE: Rohit Saraf on coping with his father’s loss: He was my star, I didn’t know where to begin my life from

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Rohit Saraf is one of the most loved stars in Bollywood. He holds the title of the national crush as his fans can’t help but swoon over his charm. In an exclusive interview with us, Rohit opened up about the loss of his father Suresh Saraf. Rohit was just 12 years old when his father passed away and it was quite a difficult phase for the Mismatched actor. Rohit said that he did not know where to begin life with, after his father’s loss. But, he lived on with the inspiration that his father was and turned it into his motivation.

Rohit told Bollywood Bubble, “The first couple of months after the loss was very very tough because you are grieving and you don’t know where to begin your life from. You don’t know where to pick the pieces up because you don’t know where they all have fallen. I think it takes a lot of time. Time is the best medicine for situations like these. I think the great thing that happened after I lost my father was that a lot of people told me that don’t try to rush it. Don’t try to rush getting out of this because it is not going to help. You will eventually end up damaging yourself furthermore. So don’t try to rush it. The best way to get through it is to go through it. And I did. That really helped.”

Talking about the influence that his father has had in his life, Rohit said, “I think my father has always been my hero. I remember getting this tattoo done when I was 16. It says Suresh and there is a star on top. I remember thinking about who my star is and I couldn’t think of anyone but my dad. Because the kind of hard work he put in, in his life to give us the kind of life we’ve had. My father was an extremely ambitious person. He was a go-getter, if he decided something he wants it, he will make sure he does everything n his power to achieve it. That is something that always inspired me. The best part was it wasn’t for himself that he was doing it, it was actually for us as a family he was doing it for. That has also been my driving Force every day.”

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