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In March this year, the Indian film industry suffered a huge loss as veteran actor and filmmaker Satish Kaushik passed away. It was a sudden blow and it happened just a month before Kaushik’s 67th birthday. However, his friend Anupam Kher decided to celebrate his life on this special day. Kher hosted a ‘Satish Kaushik Night’ which saw the presence of many names from the industry including Shabana Azmi.

Anupam Kher hosted ‘Satish Kaushik Night’ in Mumbai…

April 13 would have marked Satish Kaushik’s 67th birth anniversary. The late actor’s close friend Anupam Kher decided to celebrate his beloved friend on this day. He hosted a special ‘Satish Kaushik Night’ which was attended by many celebs including Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Anil Kapoor, and Rani Mukerji, amongst others.

Shabana Azmi recalled the time Satish Kaushik wanted to end his life…

During the evening, Shabana Azmi recalled how Satish Kaushik became a ‘dukhi aatma’ after the failure of his debut directorial, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja. She revealed that he even wanted to end his life after that, but decided against it due to a funny reason. She shared, “He was on the first floor and when he looked down from there because he was finding ways to commit suicide, there was a party going on. He saw potatoes and brinjals being fried. So, he was like, ‘yaar main aloo baigan ke beech mein agar kud ke marr jaunga toh yeh kharab death hogi (If I fall between potatoes and brinjals and die, it’ll be a bad death)’.”

The time Satish Kaushik wanted to send his X-Ray to Shyam Benegal…

The veteran actress shared some more anecdotes including the time Kaushik tried to send his X-Ray to director Shyam Benegal. She revealed, “Once, he walked out of a nursing home with his X-rays in his hand. That is when Shyam Benegal, who had heard from someone that Satish Kaushik is a great actor, called him. He told Satish to bring some of his photos and come to his house. Satish looked at the X-rays and joked, ‘Shyam babu, main X-ray bhej dunga, kyunki andar se main bohot khoobsurat hoon ( I will share my X-rays as well because I am beautiful from the inside).”

These instances show how amazing and lively Satish Kaushik really was. The late actor might have gone from the living world but his work and philosophy of life would live on forever. He indeed got a befitting farewell from his friends through this celebration.

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