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Shah Rukh Khan and his birthday tweets through the years. Read!

Shah Rukh Khan has almost 30 million followers on Twitter and this number just keeps increasing by the day. Given the fact that he keeps himself so busy, the actor manages to interact as much as he can with his fans through his social media pages. On his 52nd birthday, we dug into his old tweets and got some heartfelt messages from King Khan which he wrote on his previous birthdays.

Some had pictures of SRK with his fans waiting for him outside Mannat while some gave us a glimpse of what exactly the star was up to on his birthday. But one thing that was common in all his tweets over the years was the love he showed for his fans who wait for hours outside Mannat to wish him on his birthday and the gratitude he has towards them for adulating him for years together.

The first tweet was from last year, 2016, and SRK wrote, “If I could, I would jump amidst you. So that you could take me home. Thank You all for coming and making my birthday so special. Love you!”

2015 was the year Shah Rukh hit the big 50 milestone and he clearly wanted to turn 25 again. “2day as I turn 50 I turn 25 again -for all the yrs of lov u hav given me, I giv u my most heartfelt creation.Gaurav the FAN.U & I r a Belief”

In 2014, Khan put up a picture of himself with the sea of fans who had gathered to wish him and he wrote, “So much happiness… so many people to share it with. Hope I am ‘enough’ to do so…all my life.”

November 2, 2013, SRK sent out a message to his fans and his neighbours before he stepped out to meet all. “Thank u everyone. All who came outside the house with crackers & posters. Love to u all & apologies to the neighbours.Ur love makes me happy”

In another tweet, he mentioned that because it was his birthday he decided to oversleep! “Time to go out at the gates nd take love from the hundreds who are standing there. Thank u all…sorry my birthday so decided to oversleep”

Lastly, in the 2012 tweet, we saw Khan introspect whether he deserves all this or not! “up & about.need to go out and wish everyone a big thanx in a bit. screaming..shouting & dhols outside the house. do i deserve all this love?”

What’s Shah Rukh going to tweet today? A message to his fans and the love he has? Let’s wait and watch! (Also read: Shah Rukh Khan snapped outside his Alibaug house on the eve of his birthday)

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